Bobble Magic Marbles

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Beyond, Around, Bye!
Pleasure running around the rumbling gel. A new sensation hall “Bobble” is now available!

A new concept of rumbling gel bounces, rolls, and collides!
The highly elastic rumbling gel runs around the inside of the hall made of soft gel, realizing unprecedented acrobatic movements.
Please enjoy the new sensation created by the contrast of stimulation!

‚óŹ Magic Marbles
The 5 wavy balls roll and stimulate.
The synergistic effect of the soft base gel creates an even more refreshing sensation!

We mold gels with extreme differences in hardness, such as ultra-soft gel and high-elasticity gel.
A seemingly simple yet impossible molding method has finally been realized through meticulous design and skilled technology.
The highly elastic rugged gel designed this time can be played freely in the soft hole depending on how you stroke and how you hold it.